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Biogenesis Beatport


BioGenesis is one of the most exciting, new projects to come out from Mexico. Behind BioGenesis are Mikeldi & Carlos, two young Mexican-born musicians, who have been making music together since 1999. BioGenesis appeared on the scene around 2006, and released their debut album " Harmonic Science " in 2008, which has had a great response form the dance-floors worldwide. They have also been releasing music with artists such as CPU, GMS, Mekkanikka, Xerox & Illumination, Sirius Isness, Atomic Pulse, Painkiller, etc, as well as various International labels, which has been a factor to their rapidly growing reputation.

BioGenesis now present us with their new free Sample Pack “Re-Plugged” . This sound-bank contains over 300 high quality wav files, created by the duo for musicians around the world to use. “Re-Plugged” is free for download at

Also be sure to stay tuned for BioGenesis second album “Escape The Illusion” expected to be released by the end of this year. This new sound will be sure to keep you grooving.

Booking information : [email protected]