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Binary Finary

Sydney, Australia


405 Recordings, Armada Music, Big Fish
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Binary Finary, the act responsible for one of the most seminal dance tracks of all time, is back in 2010 armed with an explosive and very unique new LIVE act and a load of fresh material.

On NYE ‘01-01-10’ the Binary Finary 2010 Live Act was unleashed to a sold out crowd at ID&T’s ‘Ocean of White’ Sensation in Melbourne.

The Live debut treated the privileged crowd to a real-time performance of their latest tracks, previews of their forthcoming release, and new twists on classics including their phenomenal No.1 hit ‘1998’.

Binary Finary 2010 Live is performed by Australian based Stuart Matheson with Sasha Vatoff joining him on stage as a DJ/Live Performer, while Matt Laws stays studio bound in Ireland supporting the production and mastering side, and enabling the live show to be packed with fresh material even while touring.

They combine creative, technical and musical talents skills and embrace the latest technologies to form a full live show, and using an impressive technical set up not before seen or heard in the trance arena to create a unique mix of old and new material which differ with each performance.

On April 19th 2010, Armada Records will release a 2010 remix of ‘1998’.

Hot on its heels will be releases of tracks ‘Isle of Lies’, ‘Banker’ and their remixed version of Southend’s ‘Take Me Up’, with more due to be offered throughout 2010.

Stuart and Sasha will also be playing a selection of traditional DJ style sets.

The History – ‘1998’ to 2010

Binary Finary shot to fame after their track ‘1998’, with that killer riff became the first electronic dance trance to enter the UK Top 30. It subsequently climbed to Number 1 and a decade later is still one of the greatest uplifting trance tracks ever to hit dance-floors.

Binary Finary took a break in 2000, however three short years later Stuart found him newly inspired by the rise of software synths and reunited with his music parnter Matt Laws to undertake a tour of Europe which ended in the release of a digital-only album called “The Lost Tracks”, incorporating just a small selection of songs never before seen or heard.