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His name is Bimz Barley, a DJ/Producer from Indonesia. Born in Jakarta August 20, 1989.

He had a passion for music since he was a kid, and he proves it by joined the band group as a guitarist since he was still in junior high school until he was studying in university. Traveling around his country to performing a gig with his group, from a smallest to biggest gig. One stage with the big artist from his country and he had also performed one stage with a band from California “RUFIO” in Bali when he and his band group had a gig in there. One day he was invited by his friend to attend to the party in the club at his hometown and see one of his friends was playing in the club and that was the first time he had interesting on Dj-ing. Time after time he decided to leave the band and start to learn the Djing and learn how to mix and produce a song. He brings out his creativity by creating his own tunes. and he starts his first gig as a Dj at a bar in his hometown and now he can play in the music event festival in his country.