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When Markus Binapfl, Paul da Lea and Patrick Buck in 2000 began with “Big World”, they already had an established and well known reputation as producers in Germany. They were working for several very successful pop acts, which regularly achieved high chart positions throughout Europe. Their first Big World single “Morning Light” released with a remix by Tom Novy on Warner Music got licensed to all major territories straightaway. It was featured on every major Ibiza compilation and as a Chill Out Version on the legendary “Cafe del Mar”. Additionally, the track charted in various other countries, such as France and Spain. Their follow up single “Open Your Heart” became a radio hit and made it again into the Top 20 Air Play Charts in France and Spain. At the end of 2005 they finally released one more club hit called “Me Gusta”, which was released on Casa Rosso Recordings, including enormous remixes from Gadjo and Richard Grey.