Top 25k on The DJ List

Big Ken

Langhorne, United States



DJ BIG KEN 1st came onto the rave scene in 1990 going to outlaw parties in NYC and quickly became the kid you loved to love. As he became more popular he realized that he needed to start giving back to his new adapoted family. The best way for DJ BIG KEN to give back was to put it on wax, and make the party people shake their booties. DJ BIG KEN started playing records in Philly, PA in 1999 and has not looked back. In this short amount of time DJ BIG KEN already has stats the make most jealous. Playing at over 300 events including playing for every East Coast juggernaut since the inception of Storm Rave, DJ BIG KEN has always played the records that make crowds go nuts and leave them wanting more. Starting January of 02 BIG KEN teamed up the big star DJ CIRCUIT BREAKER, co-owner of HARD TO SWALLOW RECORDS. Now that DJ BIG KEN has an outlet with HARD TO SWALLOW RECORDS for his amazing musical style he is going release some of the best TECH-HOUSE vinyl to hit wax this summer. If you are not familiar with DJ BIG KEN or his MEGA STAR mentor DJ CIRCUIT BREAKER then don’t be affarid to act like you know. Don’t be herbed when you realize that you are the last to know hear about DJ BIG KEN and how he came and rocked the crowed. Look for DJ BIG KEN to come to your town and bring the East Coast flavor that has made him famous. And as always, Don’t hate the Player Hate the Game.