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Bianca Dino

New York, United States

Breaks, House

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Fierce energy, intense skills, unique beauty, and beats that rock your clothes right off! There may be more DJs than you can count these days, but after you see Bianca perform, you’ll realize that she revives a huge gap in the industry. Her bright and energetic presence and sexy style is enough to rev a crowd into a frenzy alone, but then add a sickly entertaining DJ set and pow…talk about a one, two, three punch!

Bianca’s style can mainly be described as progressive tech-house but you’ll be sure to hear sharp bassy brakes, funky and tribal beats, techno, and hard house as well. “I love smart electronic dance music. If a track makes me want to smile and dance, I want to mix it. It’s not about being completely confined to a predictable genre. It’s about being taken on a ride.”

Bianca comes from a strong background in the arts. It’s not surprising when you witness her involvement with the crowd and her entertaining presence. Growing up a dancer and training to be an actress has inevitably led her to a career in music. A graduate from the American musical and dramatic academy and studying with renowned acting coaches like Tim Philips, Bianca has appeared in various plays, TV commercials, and independent films. She broke into the DJ scene as part of a female collective called “the moxie dolls” spinning some serious underground tech-house in clubs and lounges all over New York City and Miami. spirit, alibi, b3, mission, flow, lq, lot 61, black, and nv are just to name a few.

Bianca has also written and performed lyrics for electronic music producers, her credits including “push the air” ( hypnotic spoken word ) released on sifted recordings, as well as a track entitled “touch me” ( a sexy melodic raw deep house track), set to be released this month. “There is so much that I want to accomplish as an artist. I will definitely continue to write and perform for other producers as well as for my own tracks"

Bianca also filmed a segment on Belgium’s music television station as their New York City club correspondent, interviewing with New York and Belgium’s top DJs and producers. “I want to be the female version of Pete Tong in the US. I studied journalism in college and I have always wanted to combine my inside knowledge of the electronic music scene along with my acting and film experience to bring audiences DJ and producer interviews and insights."

Bianca most recently joined forces with DJ Vitamindevo to create a dynamic male/female electronic group. With their complimentary intense styles and entertaining qualities, they are combining electrifying tag team DJ sets, with live vocals and dancing to take performance DJing to the next level. The duo has been taking over the New York underground scene and are ready to show the rest of the world the time of their life. The unique collective is called 3l3tronic and with Vitamindevo’s upcoming 12 inch release, and their recent return from burning man as crazy playa DJs, they are the ones to watch for in 2006. Be ready to finally see a balance between staring at the DJ booth, and dancing till your feet go numb.