Bia Beatport


They will be asked because BIA! this single one takes to that he saw is area code of two, then will be two “A” and the result is Ariel Alvarez.

Been born in 1974 Argentina (Buenos Aires) and from very early age, the necessity arises to listen to those productions of Break Dance, next to pop and the other sorts.

In his beginnings to the 13 years like radio operator, at that time called radios of districts or low power, in the zone of his lugano native district, it takes his race like Dee-jay.

The entailment with then music would include from the 1988 beginnings entering in the 90 the electronic pop sort and later dances of.

Their musical influences were bands like U2, Last Last, Depeche Mode, Soda Stereo among others. Parallelly with their studies in the dominion of the electronics and engineering of sound, their experiences happened like movable Dee-jay in social events, which made him acquire a vision different from music towards all the styles.

With the course of the years this went more increasing day to day aiming at the knowledge of the recognized discotecas of the Argentine market making residences in places of Buenos Aires and the interior.

Soon the motivation of the Dee-jay’s competitions took it to make it tested like by: Gemini Dj, Numark Champions and its last competition in the Electro 99 show `to 3er position Dee-jay of the millennium.

Given the social relation from these events, it began to enter at night in the World and of the recognized Dee-jay’s more, making electronic events.

In 2000 it begins to dedicate itself in the electronic production advised by producers like Boeing (leonel castle).

During 5 years it also dedicates part of his race to the electronic production but alternating in different events like Dee-jay.

Bia, Ariel Alvarez is an emergent producer and their subjects today already are touched by artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Matt Black (Segment Record – England), Dj Tarkan, Deep Mariano and Dj Paul.

Autodefine like eclectic and already has taken place all types of styles within the great phantom that supposes electronic music. Obviously that to this dj/producing one defines by the House Progressive and all its variants.