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House, Psy-Trance

Beyonder Beatport


Beyonder born in Athens of Greece, discovered his love to the music as he was 9 years old. In the early 80s he started to record songs from radio, creating his own audio collections.

He also discovered his passion to share his music with other people. His earliest impression was the title Disco Connection from Isaac Hayes in 1975. The album Oxygen from Jean Michelle Jarre, Spiral from Vangelis were the first extraordinary impressions for him. Also artists like Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, Jan Hammer, Bryan Eno, Sylvester Levay and Alan Parson inspired him to collect music, which could give other people a new Wow! effect after hearing it.

Beyonder tried to find a way to create a new sense of audio impression. His target was to get this powerful feeling that could motivate almost everybody. Electronic music gave him the elements he was looking for.

Due to the difficult career chances in Greece he decided to find a new future and in 1990 he came to Germany where he still lives. He studied Computer Science. Later in the middle 90s, he reanimated his passion and started to create mixes with the same target.

After DJing in some small clubs, he became the recognition that motivated him to give his best for the approaching mixes. He also started to create his own melodies, like intros, using a synthesizer like Roland JV90 and recording with an old Cubase version.

It was a big challenge for him to DJing in all styles of music. He found out, that every music style offers special rhythm elements, instruments and samples, which could give an extraordinary motivation.

And so, he found his destination, collecting and mixing new elements of music beyond any imagination. Extraordinary tracks primary from Tribal-House, Electro-House, Progressive-House, Goa-Trance and Euphoric-Trance gave and still give him the stuff for his mixes, becoming more recognition and more offers from bigger clubs.

And so, he battles to create more and more exceptional mixes to gain the ultimate rhythm that can vibrate the hearts of the people.