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Better Lost Than Stupid

New York, United States

Tech House, Techno

AKA: Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich

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You don’t always need to get lost first to try out a different path. Sometimes you wander off the beaten track out of curiosity, just to see where you end up. Your new environment pushes you to adapt, try out new ideas and roll with your instinct. It often ends up being so much fun that you want to carry on and explore the new horizons that a new path offers. Well, that’s what happened when Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann began to work together at least. Now journeying down the same path together, the three of them are Better Lost Than Stupid.

The new project has come off the back of a number of gigs together. Originally booked as individual DJ’s, they quickly saw that the gigs were simply more fun in each other’s company. But it wasn’t long before the trio began to see potential for a serious artistic collaboration too. Discussions began and Better Lost Than Stupid was established immediately.

Evolving from mere discussions into a fully fledged project at a fast pace, Better Lost Than Stupid will be in full flow from Autumn of 2012 with the promise of not only live performances, but new original music too. Keen to get back behind the controls together, they will be returning to New Yorks Electric Zoo festival in addition to playing key dates around the world including DC10 in Ibiza.

Barcelona has become the centre of creativity as the dynamic trio put their hectic personal schedules aside to commit to working in the studio together for three days every month. Holed up inside Davide’s studio for lengthy sessions, sparks began to fly and the creative fires burned as the three-piece began developing one another’s ideas into cohesive yet visceral tracks. With an album already on the way, we can expect to see Better Lost Than Stupid available on the shelves by 2013. With three cutting edge and inventive minds all driving the same force, you can be sure that Better Lost Than Stupid will remain on course for underground adulation.