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Berlin Bintang

Bali, Indonesia

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Berlin Bintang Biography

Berlin Chintia Bintang (Born 23 September), known professionally as Berlin Bintang is Indonesian Disc Jockey and Singer. She primarily performs electro music, but has diversified her genre and musical style, drawing influences from HipHop, R&B, Trap, and Twerk music. In Indonesia, She is best known as a dj with stage act performance and live PA set.

Starting her professional career as a Disc Jockey (DJ) in 2009, her name in Bali has been well known by dance music lovers. She has managed to play in several major events outside of Bali, and has appeared in several major cities in Indonesia. Previously she started her career as a singer, but her love for dance music led her to become a disc jockey. This profession is what she chose and persevered until now.

In 2013 she was named as Runner Up for DJ Beat Battle in Samarinda and perform as opening act for Emma Hewitt. In 2017 she was placed among the other female dj in the world, on djanetop list poll and sit at number 9 in Indonesia and number 39 in Asia for best female dj.

In her appearance, she always identic with sexy appearance, but that’s not only the highlight, she also showing her skill and her stage performance to entertain people. In 2018 she spread her wings to release her debut single widely, “I Don’t Give A Damn.”