Benza Beatport


Benza has been making phenomenal psytrance since 1997. His background in Jazz and Classical music have enabled his sound to be completely unique, maintaining critical elements of melody and form, while giving up ultra-butt-shaking grooves.

His debut self-titled album, released on Demon Tea Recordings in 2003, was met with worldwide critical acclaim, being touted as “proper psychedelia with everything you ever needed to fly.” (DJ Times Magazine) This first album, coupled with his explosive live sets seen throughout Europe and Japan, truly established Benza on the world’s trance scene.

His second album, Retrofuturism, drew on the strengths of his first album, but saw Benza discovering new horizons. A renewed focus on groove and structure allowed his new music the space to explore the depth and width inherent in his production, whilst keeping time for the ebbs and flows that ensure dance-floor appreciation.

Now just back from a tour of the Americas that saw Benza play in the USA and Brazil, Benza is in peak form. His live sets are renowned for their energy, fluid sounds and booty-shaking funk. His ability to travel from the darker, more intense side of trance to beautiful, soulful and musically challenging morning sounds has become the stuff of legend. He has been known to literally lift a party to a new level of intensity with his wild on-stage antics and has become famous for his enthusiasm behind the decks.