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Reykjavík, Iceland


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BenSol has been involved with the dance music scene before 90’s but didnt really start DJ’ing for real until the beginning of 2009.Mostly because he wanted to make a diffrence, mainly for the love of music.In one and a half year he has managed to perform on almost every club, radio and festival there is in Iceland and is far from peeking.His knowledge and understanding of how to move poeple, build them up and let them explode is priceless.

His main genres are House, DiscoHouse, TechHouse, DeepHouse, Techno, Minimal and Lounge.Composing music and remixing is on the first baby steps for him, but it will not be a long time until his work will see daylight.

Best regards,

Benedikt Sölvi Stefánsson.

better known as Dj BenSol

email: [email protected]