Benou Beatport


Oleg P., aka DJ Benou, was born in 1983. He loved music since birth. Being small, he listened to fairy tales and songs on vinyl. Thus, he was used to listening to vinyl in childhood. In his opinion, good musical taste was generated with songs of the well-known groups of that time like Deep Purple, Queen, Dire Straits & many others. At home there was a vinyl called “The Estonian wind-instruments (Organ)” part 3. His parents said that he used to become calm and would fall asleep with this music. The first meeting with DJ technics took place in 2002 at the festival “Young peoples without narcotics”. There was a competition of DJs. He took 5th place among 15 participants of the competition. Since then he was interested to work as a DJ, so step by step he developed own dj-skills. In 2002, he entered Moscow State Social University, faculty of journalism. The branch was in Tallinn at that time. In the spring of 2003, he worked as a non-staff correspondent of the newspaper Molodezh Estonii. Since 2003, he has written more than 100 articles on various themes. In 2004 the branch of Moscow State Social University in Tallinn was closed. His education was interrupted, but nevertheless “I haven’t become puzzled”, said Oleg. He entered Estonian-American Business Acadamy, under a Public Relations specialization. Now he is a student of the third grade, evening studies. “Using vinyl is something special for professional DJs, you work as an artist. Creating your own vision and understanding of the tune, of music. I`d like to improve my DJ skills”,- said Benou. He prefers playing on the turntables Technics. He trusts them. Technics have been a serious brand in show business for a long time. It is said that their reliability is checked up on all the time. Besides he has not ordinary hobby. He collects and restores an old cars. So, he expresses a tribute to the past! Benou reaches the purposes (the targets), which has put before. Benou`s credo – Mixing is the philosophy