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Antwerp, Belgium


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Benoit Beatport

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In 1996, on his first night out, Benoît accidentally ended up behind the DJ-booth of his local youth centre, a few weeks later he bought a mixer and 2 CD-players.

The pop tunes he was playing quickly bored him, but he liked the music they played when he went for the first time to a rave party. Two years later, at 18, he was resident at a small club called ‘Arena’ where he played each Saturday from 00 till 08, but the club shut after a few months… This was the time for Benoît to change the ideas he had about music. After hearing some mixes from people like Sasha and Digweed he quickly sold lots of his clubby and commercial music to make room for more progressive and other intelligent music. This genre is not so popular in the region where he lives, he didn’t play much gigs in 2000 and 2001. But at home he continued working on his skills.

His first very big chance was in 2002! Earth, a monthly night held in the ‘Milkyway’ in Amsterdam organized a competition in search for new talent. Just for fun Benoît send in a 74 minute mix, but a few months later he had Per (he organizes the party’s) on the phone, telling him could warm up for Per and Chris Fortier.

He doesn’t limit himself to one genre, but takes all he best from house, trance and techno music and mashes it up into one progressive content. The crowd at the Milkyway really liked this blend of music styles, that’s why he went back to play at the May and September and other editions. Thanks to that competition the world starts moving for Benoît, more gigs are coming up, and not only DJ-ing but lots of other activities (webradio, reviews…) in the music scene are getting the interest of this guy.

Residencies: Earth parties, U4EA Records

Musical Style: Progressive House & other nice music

Additional Work: Promotion @ U4EA Records

Regular Resident Mixes for U4EA FM Online Radio