Benny Maze Beatport


Whether he is starting off a night with tech house or ending it with a progressive vibe or electronic beat, his flawless set and precise mixing skills never fail to move crowds on the dance floor. His DJ sets can be as diverse as his productions, twisted rhythms and wicked bass lines are second nature here. Born in Moscow, Russia and living in New York since 1992, Benny is one of the New York’s finest up and coming prospects. His passion for music came from his mother who was a professional musician and a piano teacher of several top music schools in Moscow. From an early age Benny was introduced to music by the classic masters like Chopin, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, and Stravinsky which influenced his passion for music that would become evident in his twenties when he began producing. During his teen years he grew up listening to the sounds of Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Musiqeu Concrete and Depeche Mode. Benny has been Dj-ing for eight years and producing for five. Throughout the course of his DJ career, he has spun at NYC’s high profile clubs such as Spirit, Avalon and the former Palladium, Roxy, Limelight, Centro-Fly, Exit, and Tunnel where he held residency for two years alongside Danny Tenaglia, Terry Francis, George Acosta, and many others. After spinning for thousands of people every Saturday night, Benny was inspired to make his own tracks so he immersed himself into music production. Benny’s career in production began the same year with a remix of Madam’s “Deep Kemical” (released on Deeper Records) which he remixed with Stephane K. of the John Creamer & Stephane K. Duo. The remix received much recognition and proved to be a hit in New York. It was played by top DJ’s and also appeared on Louie Devito’s compilation NYC Dance Party Vol.1. Soon after, he released another dance floor riot “The Arrival” released on Deeper Records and remixed by Jonathan Peters that created a buzz in NYC. Benny’s tracks have been released on Ultra and Deeper Records, as well as Tommyboy, Eightball, Versus, and Dot Dot Dot. Currently Benny has finished several vocal projects and has remixed an upcoming single Calanit “Sculptured” along with mixes from producers Benny Benassi, Airbase, and Flipside which is due to be released this year.