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DJ Benji who resides in Cancún, México has been working the turntables for twenty seven years. His innovative style, ability to understand his crowd and stay diverse has ma... read more
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DJ Benji who resides in Cancún, México has been working the turntables for twenty seven years. His innovative style, ability to understand his crowd and stay diverse has made him what is today. The legend of electronic music in Cancun .

He is a leader at his craft… and has witnessed and experienced the evolution of music as we know it today. From his humble beginnings at Fellinis, Studio Charles, and Osiris private club to a major success story that began in 1985 With the opening of Cancún’s most notorious nightclub La Boom. As the resident DJ since the eighties, he has had the opportunity to be heard across the nation. DJ Benji has worked the clubs and other events all over México and North America. In 1986 he relocated to Cincinnati to open another “La Boom” in Ohio and was resident DJ for two years before returning to resume his position as music director and resident DJ at La Boom in Cancún. As music director, he solely responsible for La Boom reputation as one of the Super Clubs in México. He has stupefied crows of 8000 + his musical style is a mix of aggression and passion, Progressive and Trance at it finest.

As a producer for Danza Musik Productions in his private studio he has create about 80 tracks up until now include the Original “ Say Hola “ 1995 hit , La Boom Cancún, Club Anthem in 1995, for Deep Ocean London, The House of London # 2 in 1995 ,for Deep Ocean London and Benji Solis Double Album in 1998 for Danza Musik . Benji has also released six licensed CD compilations under Rave “O” Loution and Da Underground Sound Of Cancun Volume 4, as well as several new tracks with his friend and partner DJ Tonio released in winter of 2001 and 2002.

Returning to the studio in 2007 with JC Mazter making tracks such as How do you feel, say hola, in your face, fuck off and making remixes for Albert Maris, Andy Spinelli ( MG ) and Joy Marquez ( Skin ). Currently Benji solis is still working with JC Mazter, Benji Solis has also made new tracks with benji solis Jr Summer Nights, Get out of my head, Alucination and Jerome Laiter . Owner’s manual

Current residencies :

Mix sky lounge Cancun Resident DJ since 2007

Room Service Cozumel Resident since DJ 2007

EL Cielo Merida Resident DJ since 2007

Where he’s been:


Space South Hampton Nyc Grand Opening & weekly residence. 2001

Lime Light Nyc – Special Guest Dj 2001.

The Surf Club Nj – Special Guest DJ

Red Lite Montreal Canada – Special Guest DJ

WEMF ( World Electronic Music Festival ) – Toronto Canada Head Liner DJ for 22,000 People

Frecuency Clear Space City Texas – Line up DJ for 28,000 People

MV After Hours Toronto Canada – Special Guest DJ

Stargate San Juan Puerto Rico – Special Guest DJ

Kit-Kat After Hours Miami Florida – Special Guest DJ

Liquid Miami Florida -Special Guest DJ

Warsaw Miami Florida – Open for David Morales , and Dave Padilla 1995

Sharkies Houston Texas

Avalon Houton Texas

Conservatory Cincinnati Ohio – Special Guest DJ

BBC Cincinnati Ohio – Special Guest DJ

La Boom Cincinnati Ohio – Grand Opening & Resident DJ 1986-1988

Studio Charles Guadalajara Jal. – Resident DJ

Fellinis Guadalajara Jal. – Resident DJ

Radio Shows :

1 Dr. Trance Show Toronto Canada

Global Groove G-Money’s Show Toronto Canada

Avantguard Cancún

Frecuencias en Armonía Cancún

Estudio Digital Cancún

W. Radical Show México City

Channel 58 Guadalajara Jal.

Q 102 Show Cincinnati Ohio

Television Shows :

Electric Circus Toronto Canada ( TV Show goes to 52 countrys around the World )

Televisa México

Tele Hit México

Featured in numerous magazines and News paper articles.

Awards :

International DJ Convention, Cancún . Awarded best DJ of 1990

DJ Dance Convention México City . Best Dj Award of 1997,98,99,00

Expo DJ ACA ,Awarded Best DJ of 2000, 2001

DJ Dance 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Convention Acapulco México Nomination best 5 Dj’s in all México, Attended all Conventions as a panellist.

DJ Seminars Attended :

WMC (Winter Music Conference ) 1999 and 2000, 2001

NMS ( New Music Seminar in New York 1984 to 1988

Created and directed – Local DJ’s Seminars -1996,97,98

Benji’s Had Share Turntables With:

Hernan Cattaneo – Mix Sky Lounge 2008 & 2009 warm up.

Jc Mazter – Room Service & Mix Sky Lounge 2008-2009.

USD – Playa [email protected] Playa del Carmen. Riviera Maya Mexico 2008.

Tony Serrano – Room Service & Mix Sky Lounge 2008-2009.

Paul Oakenfold – Space Texas Rave.

Paul Oakenfold – La Boom Club Cancun May 2004.

David Morales – Electric Circus 2003.

Bad Boy Bill – La Boom Cancun 2002.

Paul Van Dyk – La Boom Spring Break 2002 ( Two Times)

D:Fuse – La Boom Spring Break 2002.

Skribble – La Boom Spring Break 2002 -01 – 00 .

Junior Vasquez – La Boom Spring Break 2002.

Antony Pappa – La Boom Summer Break 2002.