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Blasting into 2010 at the O2 arena with Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 & Justice, not to mention the 17,000 people tagging along, Benji Boko took off into the new decade with a bang!

Burning 3 million candles on his birthday cake, half-man, half-monkey Benji Boko recently defrosted in Brighton, UK, where his style of music is shaped by the records he finds in some of the 2nd hand shops & flea markets. One mans rubbish is another monkeys gold!

Can I MIX it? – Boko’s latest live show creation has been tearing through the clubs and festivals this past year…. but can he mix it? YES HE CAN!!!

“Benji is the future! His ‘Can I MIX it?’ show is FRIKKIN’ MEGA!”

(DJ Yoda)

“One of the most versatile new guys out there, with a great stage presence and cracking MIX of music!”

(Rob Da Bank)

“A multiple orgasm on the dancefloor!!!”

(Girl In Audience)

From Rockness to V-Festival, Ibiza to Amsterdam, crowds have been transported from the ‘norm’ into a world of pure imagination that completely defies explanation.

Boko describes his show as “on the fly, off the cuff, completely improvised live remixing.”

Were talking Mozart vs. Missy, Dizzee vs. Depeche Mode and Snoop vs. Simpsons, just to name a few.

A carefully selected, strategically planned series of samplers, sequencers and switches form the backbone of Boko’s arsenal. A complex set-up to say the least but ready to take out any dancefloor.

Not afraid to strip down to the bare essentials, he is equally as confident behind 2 turntables. Honoring classics from the past and inventively mixing them with gems from the present has earned his DJ set the label “a futuristic masterpiece.” Bungalow 8, London’s notorious celebrity hideout and Ibiza’s luxurious Atzarro are testimony to this.

He is equally as animated in the studio producing his debut album set for release in 2010.

Having collaborated with Maxi Jazz (Faithless) and Roots Manuva, the future looks good. His first single “The Jungle V.I.P” jumped straight to No. 16 in the iTunes electronic charts and received countless radio airplay across the globe. As well as the single being used on BBC & iTV he has worked on music for numerous TV commercials such as Motorola, Kellogs and Guiness.

2010…. here he comes!