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Ben Hunt

United Kingdom


Digital Insomnia Music Group
Ben Hunt Beatport


With a lifetime of music knowledge behind his back, Ben Hunt is now starting to enter the real world of music, making a solid name for himself along the way!

It all started when he naturally took an interest in live shows and disco?s at the early age of about 6 when his step-dad used to run a public night every so often.

Ben was always first to come and watch the dj or band set up.

This early interest pushed him to learn several instruments to a reasonable standard whilst at primary school. These included; piano, keyboard, guitar, trumpet and of course the recorder.

Ben’s dream though at this young age was to start his own discos and attempt to make a name for himself. The only way he could do this was to start out small, so he gathered up his new home stereo system; brought a few cheap disco lights from Argos and for the millennium new years eve he hosted a disco for the whole family!

He had now reached 10 years of age and he was doing his discos for a few friend party?s as well as a more few new years eve’s to come. His favourite though was the year 6 leavers? party in front of some of his previous school teachers.

Secondary school came along and things took a slight change for Ben. He stopped learning all of his musical instruments apart from the trumpet, which he pursued and ended up in the school orchestra. This though soon died off when he realised that a brass instrument wasn’t what he really enjoyed playing.

Up until he was about 13 he had nearly stopped all his music despite listening to a wide range of genres like rock and trance influenced by his Dad!

Something brought him back though and he started keyboard and guitar lessons again.

He achieved high grades in these instruments and this pushed him to take music and music technology at GCSE level!

He finished school with an ‘A’ in music and a well graded pass in music technology.

During his last two years at school he had started a solid band called Jacks Legacy which made a small name for itself around the Wolverhampton and Black Country area. This was only to last a couple of years though.

Ben at this stage had his life and career set on something musical.

College years now came along and Ben had chosen to pursue Music Technology seeing as though he excelled at this during his GCSE’s.

The first year passed and he learnt many new skills to do with music technology and the music industry.

The one thing that caught his eye though was music production on computers!!

His lecturer for this subject ‘Darren Bayton’ had made a big name for himself when the trance and dance scene was big, and he was passing his skills along to Ben and some others at college!

So he started using this new computer sequencing soft ware called Cubase to make his own dance tracks.

Since then his real genre (trance) has come through and his productions are getting better and better. He has managed to build up a good amount of equipment and is using it all to get the best out of his tracks.

Ben now works closely with Darren Bayton’s record label and has had some of his remixes released for download across the world so things are looking up for him.

He also goes under the name of ‘Bodybeat Progression’ with David Cook (Electric Pill)


Lost Shadows with Sam Round (SJR)

Ben now plans to start DJ’ing across the world when it all kicks off!!

So now at just 18 years of age, Ben Hunt is pushing his music to the max and people are taking note of his name!!

Music is his love and passion and he hopes to be out there with a big name soon!!

Keep listening out!!