Ben Bennett Beatport


Ben Bennett is fastly and furiously becoming one of the most prominent uprising stars on the UK dance scene. Ben has managed to achieve, within such a short period of time and through great persistence and hard work, to play some of the Londons best dance venues such as the Fridge, Brixton Academy, Turnmills, Heaven and the legendary KoKo, with some of the countries most blistering line-ups – along with producing tracks in the studio with some of the scenes hottest producers! His hard edge sets consist of, and range from, Techno, Hard Trance through to Hard House thus making Ben Bennett a diverse and though his experience, a competent DJ for any hard dance night!

Bens first and successful production was just released in August 2006 on Oblivion Recordings called The Butterfly Effect which was co-produced with Greg Brookman, and now his skills are being snapped up by some of the UKs A-List producers and thus has been collaborating with the likes of Technikal, Cally Gage, K-Complex and Dave Mac, with the productions being signed to some of the Us prevailing hard dance record labels such as Impact, Science:Fabric and U.F.C! And if that wasnt enough, on the B-Side of his first release is his collaboration called Delusion, where he hit the studio with Tekelecs head honcho Ali Wilson.

With his growing success as a DJ, Ben looked for something a little more permanent, so was asked by two Brixton based promoters to join their party as a promoter and resident DJ. Within weeks, the party had been re-branded to become Puzzle Project and attracted high profile DJs such as Ed Real, Kevin Energy, Phil Reynolds, Vinylgroover, Organ Donors and many more, putting Ben on some of the best line-ups in the country. During his time with Puzzle Project he met many of the scenes greats and discovered that his passion for the scene did not end at playing and promoting parties. A conscious decision was made to learn the ropes and get into the studio. A steep learning curve saw him join forces in the studio with Greg Brookman, with whom he co-produced The Butterfly Effect and Ali Wilson who he co-produced Delusion with. With his first two tracks making a vinyl release, as well as being made available to download for Wipeout on the Sony PSP, the hunger grew. This saw more collaborations with the likes of Technikal, K Complex and Cally Gage. His more recent solo works have been snapped up by major labels such as Impact and Oblivion Recordings and has been remixed by Frantic resident Phil Reynolds.

With a fast rising profile and charismatic attitude, Ben was asked to become the Head promoter of Londons longest running monthly party, Twisted. And so with this new platform to show his talents as a promoter, the ever-filling diary to show his talents as a DJ and the increasing number of sales to showcase his production talent, it is quite clear that Ben has nowhere near filled his potential and the world is literally becoming this young mans oyster!