Bebop Beatport


Born as Matthew Aubeuf, Dj Bebop’s music career started in 1998 when he first started learning the drums. After playing drums for several years, Bebop became aware of the electronic dance music scene. After learning about the scene, in 2002 Bebop purchased his first set of turntables, thus changing his life forever. In the beginning disco flavored house was Dj Bebop’s main focus. Two years later, at age 14, Bebop is rocking dance floors all over central New York. Spinning everything from deep tribal house, to jazzy tech drum n bass, and everything in-between. He has played along side DJs such as Phantom 45, Simply Jeff, Hardware, Shawn Xzavier, and many more. In addition, Dj Bebop plays on every Saturday from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. EST at the Dj Source Radio which has exclusive mixes from DJs such as BK, Lisa Lashes, Dave Seaman, Matt Hardwick, Les Hemstock, Matt Darey, Darren Tate, John Kelly, and several more to come. Now moving on to production and live pa, Bebop is one kid that you better watch out for!