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Sacramento, United States

Drum & Bass, House

LTHM, Nuphonic Rhythm
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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page & read my Bio. The name is BeatStax, I live in Sacramento, CA. I have been DJ’ing for about 3 years total 2 years professionally playing my 1st show back on 6/8/2011. I have also taken upon producing as well & currently have 2 releases out on Nuphonic Rhythm & LTHM Music Labels. I have played at a variety of different venue mediums including Raves, Festivals, Clubs & Radio. My mixing style is smooth, slower more progressive focusing on creating a totally immersive sound. I am an Audiophile DJ & only play 16 Bit Wav files or better no crappy Mp3’s from me. I also only play cdj’s no computers for me I like the old way. I don’t really have a set genre that I play but I bounce around from Deep House, Funky House, Latin House, Tech House, Minimal, Liquid Dnb, Jungle, Darkstep, Jump Up, Techno & Breakbeat. I produce Deep House, Breakbeat, Liquid Dnb, Drumstep, Darkstep & Funky House. Since my 1st show I have played in excess of 100 bookings including LunarBurn, Memories 8 & 9, Global Gruvz, LTHM Podcast, as well as several others. Anyway enough about me & again thank you for taking the time to check me out have a grand day.