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Beatnut5 was born as a child with two ears like loads more worldwide in 1978.

The first time, he got in touch with music was by starting to play the piano with 10 years.

No Garage Band shit, no stupid piano app, a normal, non electronic piano.

Turning childhood into adultship he had quitted music for a normal life and a normal girl.

In 2005 he quitted the normal girl for his comeback to music.

So he started DJing with his mentor Robaer and learned producing through Johannes Vice and tommiGO.

2007 he first time got in contact with the music of Deadmau5 to fall in love with.

2008 he launched Robeat5 Records, a Munich House & Electro label together with Robaer.

With that label Robaer & Beatnut5 had their first big release named “Baumkatze”:

After that they had several gigs in Germany and Austria.

2009 both founded the Munich House Mafia together with Marco Zanfardino.

Their first big track named Chordelia together with Forwin Van Boyen was released in 2011 including many famous remixers:

Due to producing and DJing the three guys became famous by loads of brillant bootlegs like this one:

The latest project of Marco and Beatnut5 in 2011 is a remix for Alive ft. Kate Elworth by Thomas Gold & Dirty South:

So let’s see, where this guy will end…