Beatmaster G Beatport


BEATMASTER G AS A BEATBOXER: Beatmaster G is a young artist that specializes in the art of human beatbox / multivocalism. He has the skill to recreate all sorts of rhythms, musical tracks and emulate a Dj with the sole use of his voice and microphone. Hip hop, Drum and Bass and Club music are just some of his favorite musical genres Gaining wide recognition in each of the styles, he has performed alongside top international artists and Djs such as Afrika Bambaataa, Talib Kweli, Jamie Foxx, Crooklyn Clan, Neneh Cherry, Danny Tenaglia, Tim Westwood, Dj Hype, Scratch Perverts (and more…) at top venues and events worldwide. Beatmaster G has toured Japan, US and Europe with his crew (Dj Jet-Eye and Supremos B-Boying Crew), and is currently sponsored by Mic(ism) clothing and Cypress Hill’s Guerrilla Union. ’G uses his voice as an instrument for musical creation and is always finding innovative styles and techniques that will take human beatbox to the next level not only on the stage but also in the studio!

BEATMASTER G AS A PRODUCER: It is undoubtable that Beatmaster G is gifted when it comes to the creation of Beats. Thanks to his outstanding skill as a beatboxer, for ‘G it is nothing more than a natural extension of his talent, to produce musical tracks. First came the beats with his mouth, then came the microphones, and last but not least, came the computers… where ’G is able to record all his musical creations; 100% vocal, non-vocal or both. Beatmaster G sees no barriers in musical creation; ’Rules where created for artists to break them and pave the path of an artform with our weapon; endless creativity’. ‘G is currently working on his debut album and producing Latino HipHop Hero MC Sanchez.In stores right now: -Collaboration with superstar Dj/Producer Wally Lopez: ’Do You Wanna Dance With Me?’ (Perceptions of Pacha Vol.II) -Beatbox interludes of the massive Spanish Hip Hop compliation: ‘Mas Hip Hop Mas Zona Bruta’