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Erfurt, Germany


Ahoi Audio, Bondage Music, Damm
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German based Producer, remixer & live act born 1986! That‘s all you need to know about BEATAMINES. Influenced by many different styles of music he started his own productions when he was 16 years old. Music is to him the language of emotions, so he always tries to create something on his own. The first bigger release came out on Thokadee Records in December 2009. He made an amazing 2 track vinyl “Menthol EP”.That’s only a short selection of his succesful releases. The next releases will follow on Damm Records (Germany), MBF (Traumschallplatten) and a lot of remixes, too. After his successfull “Gents EP” on Deich Records, his remix for Bukaddor & Fishbeck’s „Glaedys“ on MBF (Traumschallplatten)! With his solo debut on the label MBF LTD. “I Said EP” Beatamines shows he is a master of the German new school house. ”I Said” is an aural pleasure that scratches an itch and hits the spot so precisely, you can feel he knows exactly where we wants to take it. Currently, Beatamines is finish with his debut album “in motion” (2*12" & Digi) which will be released at October 2011 on Damm records. You can catch Beatamines live or Dj set in various clubs worldwide. Keep your ears open & watch out…!