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Brendon Moeller was born In Johannesburg, South Africa in 1968. He started his musical education at nine years old, studying the piano first, the trumpet briefly and then eventually the drums. When he was in college he formed a rock band called “Honeyslide” that was inspired by alternative rock of bands like the Stooges, Velvet Underground and Nick Cave.

He became a school teacher, then began writing for some music magazines hoping to connect with like-minded people. At this time Brendon’s taste in music had become much more eclectic. He listened to the likes of The Orb, Fela Kuti, Happy Mondays, Ministry, De La Soul and much more. He began dreaming about moving to New York to record an album.

Three years later, there he was in the Big Apple, working as a waiter on the upper east side. He set up his own bedroom recording studio and started teaching himself music production and recording. Brendon began submitting demos to some of his favorite labels, eventually got a response from DJ DB at Smile Records and released two 12’ singles under the moniker “Mono Blanco”.

Letting his passion prevail over financial common sense, he gave up the waiter job to work at a downtown CD store, where he found the inspiration to focus his musical vision. One of his tracks, “The Next Big Chill” would appear on the Astralwerks compilation "Unknownwerks”.

Soon after the name Beat Pharmacy came to him, he met Shigeru Tanabu, who had been living in New York for a couple of years. Shigeru’s background as a musician was blues, rock and jazz. Amazed by Shigeru’s skill as a guitar player, Brendon exposed Shigeru to electronic and house music. Shigeru was hooked and their friendship and collaboration began. A few months later Brendon met Todd Simon, a horn player who toured with Macy Gray and Antibalas. His contributions to Beat Pharmacy can be heard on the tracks “Cape Town” and “Monkey’s Wedding.” All the while, Brendon forged ahead refining his production skills and the Beat Pharmacy sound. His compositions were appearing on labels like Six Degrees Records, Turntables on the Hudson and Codek Records.

Brendon’s demo then landed in the hands of Franois K., who offered to release an album by Beat Pharmacy. He was also interested in another project Brendon was involved with called Alphamotive. In fact, two Alphamotive 12"s would be released long before anything transpired with Beat Pharmacy, but all good things take time. By then, Shigeru Tanabu and Todd Simon had both left New York, but this wouldn’t matter, technology and the Internet made collaboration possible and even quite simple.

Almost two years after the first contact with Franois, the Beat Pharmacy album is coming out on Deep Space Media, the latest sub-label of Wave Music. Featuring contributions from Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman, Shigeru Tanabu and Todd Simon, “Earthly Delights” is hitting the street on March 22nd.

Beat Pharmacy with Shigeru Tanabu on guitar has toured with Franois K. in Japan and performed live at Deep Space NYC in March 2005. Look out for more tour dates, including at the TDK Cross Central Festival in London in August ’05.

Brendon’s other current releases are a 12’ out on King Street Records for his project known as Echologist, and a remix for the new Unkle single ‘Reign’ which features the vocals of Stone Rose Ian Brown. His remix of Pete Heller’s classic “timewarp” will be out on wavetech soon.