Top 25k on The DJ List

Bd Slide

Dallas, United States

House, Open Format


When he was about 8 years old, he began to make his own mix tapes with multiple cassette decks by painstakingly adjusting and editing the tapes manually. That was the beginnings of a passion and desire to become a DJ.

BD Slide hit the scene in 1996 in Austin Texas. It was there that the infamous Belligerent World Productions house parties were born. In a 2 bedroom apartment near the University of Texas, DJs BD Slide, Damon Williams, Edwin Watson, Steve Long, and DJ Ski would host and DJ for about 300 party people until sunrise. These parties have since become Texas underground legends.

In 1998 BD Slide moved back to Dallas. He joined forces with Jeff K, Shaun Slaughter, Noel (N-Train) Keith, and Edwin Watson to form Team Progress, a DJ and production team. Team Progress had a Saturday night residency at the infamous Spy Club as well as throwing “one off” parties at various locations, bringing A-List DJs from around the world including: Paul Oakenfold at Club Seven (first time in Dallas since the U2 tour 10 years prior), Paul Van Dyk at Club One (first time in Dallas), and Justin Robertson at Spy Club just to name a few. They also released their first single “Symphonic Music” just in time for the Winter Music Conference 1999 in Miami. It ended up getting world wide recognition being played by John Digweed, and charted by Paul Oakenfold. It was included on Oakenfold’s Essential Mix on Radio 1, and on a Promo Only Compilation CD. It was this year in Miami that BD Slide played the opening DJ set before Paul Van Dyk, at a private VIP after party thrown by Mute records, in the Penthouse of the Pelican hotel. After returning from the WMC ’99 with great success, BD Slide played various nightclubs, warehouses, and outdoor festivals almost every weekend, taking control of the crowd and working them into a frenzy every time.

After a short but successful existence, Team Progress was ended abruptly. It was around this time that BD Slide joined DJ Merritt on the nations longest running mix show “Edgeclub”. At that time the show was on 94.5 FM KDGE “The Edge”. The frequency has since changed to 102.1 FM KDGE “The Edge”. It’s a 3 hour journey into the future of electronic dance music, which airs every Saturday night from 12 Midnight-3AM. It can be listened to worldwide on the internet at kdge online.

In the year 2000 a new warehouse club named Decibel opened in the industrial district of Dallas. BD Slide would leave the radio station early and go to Decibel to play the closing set in the main room on many Saturday nights to a crowd of about 2000 party people. “That place was insane, and everyone was really into the music.” – BD Slide. There was even a Friday night party called House of Royalty where BD Slide played down-tempo, and trip-hop on 3 turntables in a side room. The party people were packing themselves into the smaller room where BD Slide was playing. “The little room would hold about 200 people. I think there was close to 400 in there that night. It was packed tight and I remember it seemed as if people were literally climbing the walls.” – BD Slide. BD Slide headlined the Christmas party of 2000 and the New Years Eve party for 2001 at Decibel. Shortly after that Decibel was forced to close its doors for good due to unfortunate incidents.

In June of 2001 BD Slide basically entered a frozen cryogenic state. In the beginning of 2004 BD Slide was released from his cryogenic suspension. He is now thawed and tearing up the underground with his unique dance-floor centric sound once again.

Throughout 2005 and part of 2006 BD Slide held a Resident DJ position at the legendary Club ONE in Dallas. He ended his residency after a series of successful parties such as “The Vibratory” and “Frydays”.

BD Slide can be found on “Edgeclub” every Saturday night on Dallas/Fort Worth radio station 102.1 KDGE “The Edge”, and Worldwide at kdge online. He can occasionally be found performing at various venues, but right now his main concentration is in the studio, and we expect to hear new music from his label DCOM Recordings soon.