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BBSOUND – Davide Battista and Daniele D’Alessandro – has been the former leading group of BBSOUND project, for nearly a year. Their work started mainly focusing on stylish house and progressive beats, bouncy grooves and clubby melodies.

The year later Daniele D’Alessandro left the band, willing to pursue his solo career,

Suddendly Alexander One joined Battista and they started working together.

“We met in 2007, we were working in a Radio, north of Italy, but I swear, we never talked each other or knew we’re both producing music” recalls Alexander One. “Davide was working at the time, and I was working only on my projects with other Dj’s.

“We tried to do one track together, and we’ve continued on since then, making the BBSOUND project focus on Progressive Sounds.”

“Me and Battista have different feeling on where we took the band name, he apparently decide to gave the BBSOUND tag just because of a famous club name where D’Alessandro used to play, for me i’ts more like a Beta-Bounce for dangerous projects :D” said Alexander One.

“………he ’s already drunk” said Battista.

A year later, Davide and Alexander started buying equipment and began to experiment seriously.

Finding influence in European Trance music scene, they drew inspiration from bands like Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, and their colleagues.

Early productions led to club dates and gigs at local parties.

In 2011, Crossair Recordings released Ticket 2 Ibiza, their debut track, including NomiNation RMX.

“The fancy-house scene was really monotonic as opposed to melodic with chords,”

That’s why I convinced Battista to focus on Trance and Progressive House, said Alexander One.

we do a lot of trance tracks, separatedly on our main profiles,

but we needed to experiment more without affecting them, that’s why we have a lot of fun with BBSOUND project" said Battista.