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Los Angeles, United States

House, Minimal

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  • Mau Mau Launch Party


    Sat 21st August 10 PM
  • Palms Trax - Brand New Feeling Residency (Opening Party)


    Line-up: BATU, PALMS TRAX, ANTAL, YOUNG MARCO and more
    Sun 26th September 4 PM
  • Sun 31st October 4 PM
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" What a life we all experience, I never thought of being a dj. The love and power of Music is what shaped my past and continue in my future i guess." says LA’s much loved at the same time hidden talent ba:tu, and he continues; " Since as a kid, all my life I’ve always been involved in some kind of Musical or Performance appearances , played various musical instruments and took roles in Musicals. The beauty of Music & Arts have always been there, and i was one of many that was strongly touched by it. It feels like its a duty of mine to follow and spread the good."

The Swiss born Turk has spent his childhood in Istanbul and continued to his higher education in California, backed with the Degree in Multimedia Arts & Technologies, the Los Angeles based Tech House & Techno dj / producer now slowly going up the ladders of the global Dance Music Culture. Teamed up with some fellow like-minded crew of friends and colleagues, he is preparing to release his very first releases of Electronica Productions and continues to organize parties with great people, handpicked upscale music, and true Dance Music Performances. Oftenly can run into him playing or supporting in LA’s most respected parties and secret gatherings where good music and moment is the common cause.

Stay tuned as we constantly give feedbacks and news about this great Artist, and make sure to stay in touch with him through many internet sources. It will be just good enough to search Batu Kismet as he is truly called.

It is highly recommended to check him out the next chance you have, if good Dance Music is a big concern in your fun night-outs. It will be a night, as we experienced, that will give you a stronger understanding of how good music sounds like !