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Basslovers United was founded in 2004 in Munich, Germany. Their love for Dance, Techno and Trance Music gave them the idea to start up with some productions on their own. After several productions, the record label CUEPOINT, Hamburg, Germany, signed them up, because it believed in the creativity of the Basslovers United. Therefore it’s not very astounding that they reached high positions in the German, Austrian and Swiss Dancecharts, even with their first record “Insanity”. In the beginning nobody believed in the Basslovers United’s success, but today they are cooperating with the celebraties of the Eurodance movement like Axel Konrad or Jan Wayne. Although Eurodance Music is not very popular in the United States of America until now, we hope to change the current situation and make people all over the world, not just in Europe love our music.