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Athens, Greece

Progressive House, Trance

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Bassis a.k.a. C Bassis first showed his interest in DJ-ing at age 15. That he should show an interest in any form of musical expression was not coincidence as he was already attending music school where he studied the cello for 6 years. Having gone to a cafe with friends, he first saw DJ equipment and was spellbound.

In his own words “As soon as I laid eyes on the DJ equipment, I knew that DJ-ing would be an important part of my life.”

From an early age in the 90s he was partial to pop and rock music. Soon he started working as an assistant DJ at a small bar. It was here that he met one of the most important people in his life who with patience and trust in Bassis’ potential taught him the “secrets” of DJ-ing.

When he was eighteen he decided to dedicate more time to it and began DJ-ing professionally.

This does not mean that things came easy but with persistence and a genuine love for his work as well as with help from valuable friends, C Bassis became unstoppable.

Playing at various bars, he was discovered by the manager of the Fashion Club in Kos and in 2002 he was chosen to be the second resident DJ of the club. Following the manager’s advice as well as that of the first resident DJ, C Bassis slowly but surely gained the experience needed while he developed his own style of playing and gained a loyal following of fans, making him one of the most sought after DJs on the island of Kos.

Behind the decks C Bassis never fails to deliver, his exceptional technical skills, variety of music with throbbing bass lines and blissful melodies, that added personal touch, make him stand out, and he’s ready to bring this to the crowd.

In his own words again, “When I’m on the decks, I want to share the joy, the sadness, the energy and everything that music uniquely expresses!”