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It all began when, at the age of eight, the first steps towards a career in music were made. Sebastian, who was born in Berlin, had his first music lesson. These were lessons in playing the drums and lasted for two years. Not owning his own set of drums, which would most certainly have disturbed the neighbors if he had, he lost interest in his lessons. So at the age of ten his Daddy presented him with his own keyboard. His Mom, not entirely happy with this unprecedented gift, it being neither Christmas nor his birthday, decided he should have some lessons.

So shortly after having moved to Bad Oldesloe, near Hamburg, Sebastian began taking (more or less voluntarily) keyboard lessons. Sometime later, having more or less learnt how to play his keyboard and finding the music lessons were the best thing at school, he decided to join the school band. At the age of seventeen Sebastian had played in the popular school band for four years. Then during a school trip to Spain he bought his first record and discovered the fascination of vinyl.

At the age of nineteen Sebastian became one of the residents of the Tower-Centre club in Flensburg, where he stayed for one and a half years.

While DJing here he caught the attention of other party organizers and was invited to be the resident DJ in the Traffic club in Kaltenkirchen, where he stayed for one year. After his time there he went on to spend a year as resident D.J. at Viva in Wentorf.

But this was not all. It was during this time as a DJ that further foundations were laid which helped towards his success today.

A year before he had met Sven Gruhnwald (DJ Sven-R-G) and they become friends. This friendship was to lead to the setting up of their own studio and producing music. It was not easy to start with but after several productions for minor labels they were well on their way.

Their initial productions for the label, Vision Soundcarriers such as 2000 Canarias ’ Easy and 2000: Canarias ’ Sunseeker were the first ones to be taken seriously. These were played in the clubs everywhere and also attracted the attention of Major Labels.

The Canarias Follow Up ‘2001: Canarias ’ Comin`up Strong/Viva Canarias’ was another step forward. They entered the DDC charts for the first time. Without further ado they reached no. 29. At that time this was the highest place either Aqualoop or Vision Soundcarriers had achieved.

Apart from these projects there are several others, one of them being Planet Punk which is released by the legendary label Overdose ’ Pulse, which now number three singles. This was very popular with DJ’s at home and abroad and reached nr. 1 in the Discomania ’ Export Sales Charts.

The exceptional Spanish D.J., Abel Ramos not wanting to let an opportunity pass by to work with them commissioned them to produce his most popular single to date.

It was released in many countries and even reached the Top 20 in the English Dance Charts!

Two projects were started and the three of them (Sven, Sebastian and Tibby) produced the following: Rocco and Topmodelz.

They decided to split up the bookings, Bass-T for Topmodelz and Sven-R-G for Rocco.

Then they started to produce two new singles.

Their biggest success so far is with Rocco! Contrary to everyone’s expectations their single ‘Everybody’ reached the Top 10 of the official German sales’ charts! There was a follow-up of TV appearances on programmes such as Top of the Pops, Viva Interaktiv, The Dome, NBC Giga and so on. The follow-up ‘Drop the Bass’ once again reached the Top 20 of the official singles charts and the third single ‘Generation of Love’ reached no.22, which considering the state of the market was a remarkable success for a dance single.

In December Bass-T, together with Jens from ‘The 4 Clubbers,’ widened his range of projects with one called One2One. The track ’Don’t Stop’ was released by Drop Out Records/Alphabet City and reached the Top 30 of various dance charts. This was the first release produced in Bass-T’s new B-Boxx Studio. Shortly afterwards it was followed by the Freakbrothers Mix for the current Brooklyn Bounce single made together with Dennis Bohn and Special D.

For the time being Bass-T is touring as a booking D.J. under the name of DJ Bass-T or Topmodelz throughout Germany and Europe (Spain, Poland, Russia, Austria, Switzerland and so on). Due to his perfect DJ Skills and feeling to Rock the Crowd with different kinds of electronic music styles the Clubs and Party Organizers are going to book this Show again and again.