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The eve of the apocalypse brings a new era for Bass Science. An electronic

production unit whose beats bounce on the cusp of the future, Bass Science

creates diverse productions that are lit with innovation and laden with the low end

for a fresh and far-reaching musical experience.

Bass Science is Mattb, a prolific producer whose eclectic sound has been

cultivated from a wide range of influences, from his homes in London and Japan to Los Angeles, and many places between. Also the brains

behind the record label Made In Glitch, Mattb is a beat pioneer who has made

powerful contributions to Japan’s glitch hop scene as well as the global bass

music movement. The newest sounds from Bass Science encompass this

divergent world, fusing glitch hop, IDM and dub into a heady electronic blend that

illuminates brainwaves and fires the dance floor into action.

From filthy, floor-slapping bangers to fast-hitting funk and deep, dubby mind-

benders, Bass Science has won fans worldwide as well as the support of such

tastemakers as Mary Anne Hobbs and Annie Nightingale. Touring through Asia,

Europe and the U.S. at both large festivals and influential club nights,