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Bass Breakers

Redondo Beach, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno

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Bass Breakers came into fruition around the early 2009. Long time Hardstyle DJ Pyr0 teams up with heavy hitting Luc Frost to create a strong and unique Hardstyle experience. Together they developed Bass Breakers and the record label Bass Breakers Entertainment (BBE.)Their goal is to bring the hardest kicking music to the masses and fond other musicians that are willing to bring the same.

Bass Breakers Entertainment (BBE) is dedicated to the electronic music culture. We embrace new age entertainment and thrive on old school rave vibes. BBE is interested in the collaboration with other crews to create unforgettable events. Currently, we are accepting electronic music demos to expand our collection of up and coming artists. We invite you on the journey to experience the ultimate vibrations of Bass Breakers Entertainment.