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The agents consist of 5 aspiring DJs who aim to provide the hardest yet uplifting sound whether it is a fusion mix of Hard Trance & Hard NRG or even creating the most psychedelic sound that is truly original and energetic for clubbers to experience on the dance floor. The Bass Agents has been around for a number of years both abroad and locally as the Agents started their career playing various gigs around Melbourne, Australia, where the hottest partygoers gravitate to for Hard Dance. Embeds the flow of hard dance to keep it tidy but re-energizes the layers by scraping its edges to reveal their vicious in-your-face representation of hard style.

Currently Didjital and Xt-Acid are the two of the leading members of Bass Agents; a group of aspiring DJs who aim to provide their supporters with the hardest yet uplifting sounds by fusing Hard Trance & Hard NRG. Their mission is to push Hard Dance to the Kuala Lumpur clubbing scene. Didjital attempts to take it to another level with his versatile selection of music genres; ranging from Hard House, Hard Trance and Hard Style whilst mixing it up with his rhythmic scratching and tricks. He is constantly in tune with his crowd, firing spirits up to thrilling new heights.

Enough said, keep it real, keep it tidy and keep it HARD!