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What does one need these days in order to succeed in today’s tough world of housemusic. A lot would be the right answer. Besides knowing the right people, a lot of determination, a fresh appeal towards electronic dancemusic and lots of musical awareness, maybe the most important part would be Talent. It seems that this is something that Bart has plenty of. It was at the age of 6 or 7 when his granddad gave him his first keyboard and it didn’t take him long before he taught himself to play some songs. After a while his parents decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he would follow some lessons to develop his skills. At the age of 11 when most people listen to the obvious pop songs on the radio, Bart started producing “Jungle” with the use of some tracker software. His taste kept evolving and he listened a lot to acid house, triphop and abstract beats, all of this still a major influence on his current style.

Early 2000 a friend gave him a trance compilation and he’d fell in love with the massive sounds and pulsating beats. He started working on “Reason” and things took a full turn after he’d sent his first ever demo to label boss Peter van Hal. It took Peter just a few songs to decide that Bart was probably one out of million, mainly because of his fresh sound and his incredible versatile approach towards housemusic. This shows as Bart doesn’t limit himself to just one style.

Black Hole has just signed his trancemonster “Ringworld” under his monniker of Fictivision giving it a worldwide release in the early months of 2003. He’s just come out with “Illuminate/Deviate” on Deep under his own name. This reflects his passion for cool grooves and melodic house music. Something that is very noticeable on the Extrema release Space Tourist/Distant Region. Cass, Spesh, Andy Jarrod, James Holden, Moshic and a whole string of other cool dj’s have embraced this classy ep. He’s also working on a full down tempo album under the name of Sideways, which will probably come out late 2003.

He’s just finished a couple of deephouse tracks that will stun a lot of people and will probably attract the attention of some of the bigger labels. And, that’s right, we nearly forgot; Bart has been around from an early age playing around with the decks. He’s an excellent dj who’s capable of working a crowd with a fresh appeal and great skills. His mixture of house and progressive tunes is slowly making name in his native country of Holland. Not bad with only 19 years of age, looks like it’s time to meet the next generation.