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Bart Skils

Amsterdam, Netherlands


100% Pure, Break New Soil, Drumcode
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Always one step ahead of the game, Bart Skils has established himself as one of Holland’s most respected and in demand techno dj’s. His Voltt, Traffic and Static nights have proven pivotal in bringing Amsterdams New School generation together. His dj sets are cheered by techno lovers as extremely forward thinking and musically sound. And his releases for 100% Pure, Tronic, Remote Area, Cocoon and Rejected are internationally rated as some of the most cutting edge dance tracks to have come out of Holland in recent years. Together with Anton Pieete he also forms the acclaimed techno alliance District One. As one of the main players on Amsterdam’s renowned 100 % Pure label, they have become renowned for their percussive take on techno and house music.

During the late nineties, Skils’ undivided dedication to techno landed him a residential spot at the infamous Mazzo venue. This was where he promoted his first Voltt nights, consistently staging the most futuristic in four to the floor beats. Many minimal techno pioneers made their first Dutch appearances at these legendary nights. Both Voltt and his other nights – Traffic (at Melkweg) and Static (first at 11, now at Trouw) – are still widely regarded as leading in Amsterdam’s internationally acclaimed clubland. His massive outdoor festival Voltt Loves Summer is regarded by many in the Dutch scene as an absolute highlight of the year with over 15.000 party people attending on an old shipyard in Amsterdam!

Moreover, Skils has played a crucial role in bringing the local scene to boiling point. While 2000 And One created an international platform for Amsterdam’s New School generation in terms of labels, Skils was one of the first to offer them a proper stage in their home town. Guys like Kabale und Liebe, Julien Chaptal, Polder, Boris Werner and Anton Pieete all made their debuting appearances at one of Skils’ numerous nights. He is therefore strongly supported by everyone in Amsterdam’s thriving scene.

As a resident for his own events, gigs all over Europe and many releases and rmx’s to be played out on the dancefloor, Skils’ dj star has risen to staggering heights. Persistently rocking venues and festival-sites, he has further underlined his position as one of the country’s most reliable and authorative dj’s. His long lasting experience as a dj and his ability to move effortlessly from deep house to banging techno make Skils a sure-fire crowdmover at any given party.