Throughout the years Barbé´s reputation has been built by his engaging in the most important festivals, clubs and radio stations.

His passion for music began in his early years while listening to his dad´s casettes and by mixing live using two different components at the time.

At age 12 he joins a conservatory to develop his guitar and singing abilities.

By the age of 15 he starts his DJ career in music as a crossover DJ in private events and parties.

By 2006 he finishes his regular schooling years and decides to further explore his knowledge of music by enrolling in an Audio and Visual Communication diploma, this is the point when he starts to venture in music production.

Proclaimed ¨Ecuador´s best DJ¨ in a Red Bull contest catapulted his style and his name started gaining even more room in the music industry. So much so that he´s shared the stage with names like Roger Sánchez & 30 Seconds To Mars amongst other big names in the industry.

It is in 2015 that he further compromises with his passion and starts his own production of music in the EDM (Electro Dance Music) genre.

His music reach audiences worldwide.