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Antwerp, Belgium

Breaks, Electronica

V2n Dirty
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Some people were called legends after their death.

Barbar!na has been called a lively legend after five mere years of life under the limelights according to the crowd and her fans, called in a loving way from her “Motherpunkers”


She is pure female power.

At 25 years old she is the dominator of the italian dj women electronic scene and she is conquering the international scene with her “CyberSluts Tour 2011” which is the clear expression of her modus vivendi: you have to be the best slut to have supreme sex with art.

Born as dj in 2005, in 2006 she became part of the dark side of clubbing by stepping into Pervert Family for the saturday night “Electro:Punk!”. Things went wild and from that moment on there was no turning back from hell.

But she still declare that living in a punk-rock hell, is what she has always wanted for herself.

She take inspiration from the ’50to’70 rock and punk scene, she feed her mind with DeSade, Baudelaire, D’Annunzio and most of all Wilde.

If she could be a creature of a movie director, this director would be without any doubts Quentin Tarantino.

Music (Djset, productions and radio), Photography (she is also a well-known alternative model on the international pat), Theatre with her beloved burlesque and much more.

She spreads herself around trying to do her best in whatever conceive arts and in whatever she does, she hits the spot.

Living in an Anarchy’s dream where freedom is the only way to express what you have inside, she has her own concept of djing that will take you across electronica to Beethoven then straight into rock&punk.

Her djsets will take you across her universe, raving, jumping and dancing while she will stand up on the consolle and making you begging her for more and more.

She is the face and the voice of a revolution that takes roots from rock.

For Spain she “Pincha comma una fija de puta madre”, for Italy “She’s one of the most explosive female djs on Earth doing a very,very rock’n’roll life”, for USA she’s simply this:

“She’s a lil’bit punk, she’s a lot rock’n’roll, bust most of all, she’s Barbar!na.”