TraVon "DJ" Banks, was born in a Small town of Fort Wayne Indiana to the Parents of Tamika Hughes (Now Known as Garrett) & Christopher Banks. Growing up in Fort Wayne TraVo... read more
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TraVon “DJ” Banks, was born in a Small town of Fort Wayne Indiana to the Parents of Tamika Hughes (Now Known as Garrett) & Christopher Banks. Growing up in Fort Wayne TraVon was, as we would call him, a BUSY body. He was always getting into stuff lol. At a very young age TraVon was introduced to Music by his father Christopher Banks and God Father Mi-Lo from them trying to be inspiring Rap artist out in the garage of 318 E. Butler Street. When he was in the 2nd Grade his Mother moved him to Indianapolis, Indiana while his father stilled lived in Fort Wayne. With this separation, TraVon passion for music tended to fade a lot and he went back to focusing on his main love which was sports.

Around the age of 9 or 10 DJ Banks Mother Moved again this Time to the Wonderful State of NORTH CAROLINA. When he first got to the state he was Living in Fayetteville, NC then after a year Moved to Charlotte, NC. While living in Charlotte, TraVon and his Sports grew to an extreme. While down in North Carolina TraVon got involved in sports such as Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, & Track, but for some odd reason his Love for Music was now GONE!! He also started to Gain a strong Liking of Fashion and this Crazy Sneaker Fetish. Which he still has to this Day.

In 2004 DJ Banks just out of no where decided that he wanted to Move back to Indiana and leave his mother down in North Carolina and go Spend time with his dad. While down there he instantly fell back in Love with Music. While attending Kekeionga Middle School he started to Play the Alto Saxophone, Steel Pans, and the Snare Drum. His Music grew to a level that no one can even think about explaining. Also at this same time he tended to excel in his Athletics. TraVon only spent one year up there (7th Grade Year), Because on Jan. 15. 2005 His Pride and Joy, His Grandmother LOLA STORY Passed away. This could have been the most tragic time of his life, but yet the most Influential time at the same time. The Reason this is because it built a strong love for him and his music, because the one thing his Grandmother Loved was him and his music, if it was his Steel Pans, Down to his Saxophone all the way to his Loud Blasting Hip Hop Music.

In 2006, DJ Banks entered High School at Harding University High School Down in Charlotte NC. This was the biggest year ever to him, mainly because he was at a basically all black school and it was his first time. He established many life time friends their while still doing his music and sports. He was active in the Band (not marching though) where he cont. to Play his Saxophone. In the spring he was featured on HUHS Varsity Baseball Team where is was 1 of 2 Freshmen that where on the team. Going into his 10th Grade year his Mother met her now Husband Michael Garrett and they Moved to Rocky Mount NC, where he attended Northern Nash for his 10th and 11th grade School year. While at Northern Nash thats when he Fell into his Love into Track but was still Keeping his Music on the Low… Going into his Senior year DJ Banks then made another mover where he relocated to East Wake High School where he continued to play sports but this year he decided to make his DJ’n Known. He met up with a DJ by the name of DJ B-Eazy where he helped him take his DJ’n to a whole next level and really introduced him to the game officially. He started off DJ’n for Sky High Entertainment.

After Graduating in 2010 DJ Banks went on to Attend North Carolina Central University, Where he is currently still located. While on campus he really became known as DJ Banks and his official DJ’n Career is Beginning to BLOW!!!


2011 CIAA

Carolina Music Awards “DJ of the Year Nominee”

Global 14 (SoSo Deff)

Shakedown DJ’s

Porter House DJ’s

Little Lady Entertainment (Tiffany Evans)


-Travis Porter

-Lil Chuckie

-Jermaine Dupree

-Nicki Minaj

-Biz Markiee

-Raheem Davuagh

-DJ Kool Cutz Creator

-Troop 41


-Yung Cyphe

-Many More