Banging Mark a.k.a. Pierre-Marc Roy Engine Productions, Kidzz Productions Cube Afterhours, Québec – Le Funky House, Jonquière Musical style: UK Hard House / Hard Trance ... read more


Location: Quebec, Canada Canada
Genre: Hard Dance, Techno

Banging Mark a.k.a. Pierre-Marc Roy

Engine Productions, Kidzz Productions

Cube Afterhours, Québec – Le Funky House, Jonquière

Musical style: UK Hard House / Hard Trance / Techno

At the age of 21 years old, Banging Mark (a.k.a. Pierre-Marc Roy) began his DJing career. Having been already familiar with late 90’s Dance/House music, his interest in underground electronic music was awakened by groups such as Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim. In a tiny room study in Sherbrooke that was used to graduate with a bachelor of microbiology he concocted what was going to become its very first “set”, which was then made up of skillfully selected tracks found on the Internet. His first contact with Turntables was in 2001 with a friend who taught him the foundations of technical mixing. Many hours of work focused on the sounds of Paul Glazby, Andy Farley, Ingo, Lisa Lashes and Madam Zu enabled him to perfect his technic and to control the art of the “backspin”, which is a bench mark of other disc jockeys. Kidzz Productions, one of the most important promoters of the Québécoise electronic scene, gave him the chance to debut a new style of music to the public: U.K. House/NuNrg. Which became one of the most popular styles in Quebec and also becoming associated with the name Banging Mark. A sound striking well for him, an insane talent and its energy overflowing behind its tables allured the ravers the rave promoters and night clubs.

July 2001, the career of Banging Mark would officially take-off. Evolution Radar One 4 of the Productions Ray Junior (Quebec-Canada) was his first gig at an event and the largest festival of electronic music in Quebec, with its some 5000 people attending annually. Since he has taken part in the greatest events in Quebec: Leaf, Lollipop (3,4,5), Express 2, Versus (2,3,4), Intense V, Love. He was also invited to play at Viva nightclub in Toronto, on November 2002. Not to mention Banging Mark was the only Quebec DJ invited to World Electronic Music Festival in 2002, the most important spectacle of electronic music in North America. Other events of note include, the round Lollipop IV, which brought him to the four corners of the province (Mauricie, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville, Lévis, Edmunston, Rimouski, Quebec, Jonquière, Drummmondville, Thetford Mines) and which enabled him for the first time to touch American ground by taking part in the festivities of the spring station-wagon in Panama City and Daytona Beach, in March 2003.

During his DJing career, he has had the honour of sharing the decks with some of the biggest names in the U.K. HardHouse/Techno scene: John 00 Flemming, Adam Beyer, Frankie Bones, Jon The Dentist, Shane Morris, Paul Glazby, Lab 4, Roland The Bastard, Tyler Mark, Madam Zu, Chris C, Paul Maddox, Guyver, Micro, DAVE The Drummer, Rowland &Wright. Banging Mark holds a residency at Cube Afterhours, in Quebec City, and at Le Funky House in Jonquière. Since September 2003, he organizes, under the name of Engine Productions, his own nights dedicated to Hard Dance at Cube Afterhours. On September 26, He made HardHouse Area one of the most attended evenings of the Old Capital. Thanks to his passion for this music and thanks to the famous guests coming from all the corners of the world has made Banging Mark a major contributor to the development of the HardHouse scene in Quebec. In addition his three mixed compilations, (Banging Sound of NRG vol. 1-2-3) have sold more than 1000 albums. This 23 year old wonder realized, in November 2003, a dream of his own since he started as a DJ; to present the first of his original Hard House compositions, which should appear on his next compilation, released for February 2004. None other that very respected Madam Zu already assure him its place is reserved on her label, Nile Records. Other Hard Dance Labels such as Vicious Circle, Tidy Trax and 12 Inch Thumpers should keep their eye on this young Canadian.

Banging Mark