Top 5k on The DJ List

Bane (Mk)

Skopje, Macedonia



From a very early age he knew that music was passion for him. Born in 1985 in Croatia in the small town called Zadar and raised in Prilep (small town in Macedonia), where he started out as small boy with a big dream! From his beginning in 2000 he started playing R&B, Hip-Hop and stuff like that, but from always he knew that 120 bpm isnt what he want. In June of 2003 he & his family moved to Skopje where his life and music style was totally changed, where he founded his true love for electronic music and the passion that occupied the last 3 year’s. He gets involved between the Trance and Progressive scene where he start’s playing at private parties and doing guest dj spots in clubs round the city. From there he went on to play for many other smaller venues, promotions and private parties and raves around the country and out of borders. In August 2005 he was invited by a internet radio station ThePerfectMix where he plays his weekly show called Plaza Del Mar sessions every Thursday. Bane’s success hasn’t faulted over recent years so he started working for Amplifying Studio a strictly trance&progressive promotion company where he focused 100% on the rave scene. Shortly after this he meet’s Javeet Asan where together started their own promo organization and dj crew called Future Sounds which is highly successful team. In the middle of 2005/06 With big support from his friends decides to try producing and making his own music where Bane seems to be unstoppable in that area too. He started producing some demo track’s that the crowd accepted very well, these day’s he work’s hardly for his first forthcoming official Album with great tunes. Bane also is currently in a project with 2 Atomic Project (B.A.N.E & JAVEET ASAN) and Virtual Connection (B.A.N.E & DARKFORCE). Year 2007 is for BANE year with new ideas and project’s. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new sounds of the future.