Bali Beatport


BaLi is one of San Francisco’s top DJ talents. Always versatile and passionate about his track selection, he incorporates many genres of music into his sets including house, progressive, electro and breaks. His sets are driven, pulsating and steady, keeping the crowd in constant motion. He enjoys building the music to a dramatic crescendo that at times whips his audience into a climatic frenzy. He thrives on the relationship he establishes with his fans and always looks forward to performing live. “I feed off of the crowd?s energy,” BaLi explains. “I have had great fan support over the years. They make all the hard work and travel worth it!”

Regularly performing with the world’s most renowned DJs including Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Timo Maas, Boy George, Danny Howells, Bad Boy Bill, Donald Glaude, Seb Fontaine, BT, Pete Tong, Behrouz and Mark Farina, BaLi always impresses the audience with his dynamic style. While headlining at home in San Francisco at Ruby Skye, 1015, Mighty, EndUp, Mezzanine and Supperclub, or when traveling to spin at the worlds top clubs such as Coastline Caf in Ibiza, Opium Garden and Nikki Beach in Miami, Sullivan Room in New York, Late Night Empire in Las Vegas or Decos in San Diego, BaLi consistently draws a large, energetic crowd.

BaLi is also known as a talented producer. He co-produced “rIse” with Kepi and Kat, “You Gotta” with Ching Hwa and Scott Card on System Recordings, and with the production team, Work Force, he recorded "Round that Track and Thats My Dub on white label. He has released seven solo projects, and Ruby Skye’s “To the Floor” double-CD with fellow DJ Michael Anthony, which had strong sales and gained him much respect among his peers while broadening his fan base.

It is abundantly clear that BaLi’s drive, passion, and love for music will take him straight to the top.