Balboa Beatport


Well, there are many things to say about DJ Balboa…

Let’s get it started then. As a Brazilian child, Balboa always had hip hop (Brazilian and international) as music reference. Literally “felt in love” with hip hop rhythm, scratches and everything else.

Time passed. And Balboa went by the first time to a nightclub in Campinas, Sao Paulo. Well, he felt in love again. This time, not with hip hop, but with eletronic music.

He first liked commercial tracks (because that in Campinas most DJs play sick tracks, commercial dance tracks). But then he started a DJ course and learned that eletronic music had underground stuff. And, guess what? He felt in love again!

And that’s where he is now: adept of the Darkside, hard house, hard techno, drum’n bass…but he can’t deny a good house music…tribal, all the related stuff.