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The music will speak for itself, The Future of EDM is almost here, Dj BadAssJoey is an innovator of a new sounding EDM for 2019, Americas Groundbreaking Music Producer & Dj. My 1st album release has been delayed till a 2019 release, working out the details & mastering. Considering my eclectic musical interests and influences It was hard to say what would my first album would sound like at the end of the day, Romanian ?, Latin ?, K-Pop ?, Dubstep ?, Metal ?. Im creating an Album Id want to listen to from start to finish on repeat, DJ BADASSJOEYTHE WORLDS LAST BADASS, Its is a Cool, Eclectic, BadAss Album with lots of Hard Edge Style. Picture, Skrillex, Amon Tobin, Rezz, Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, In This Moment & Daft Punk, blended together, “yes it sounds so good”. People who love my Latin/Romanian or K-Pop Dj sets, I have future projects coming in 2019 that will please you all.

“I make it a point to really know my sh*t about all styles of dance music better than anyone else, it’s the educational foundation for Producing & Djing, listening to the nuances of new music is educational and sometimes inspirational . It’s evident and shows when your talking to some one who’s educated in there trade, I think my eclectic djing style, music production & mixes should reinforce that point loud and clear, Joey A.

Specialized In Sophisticated International Latin, Romanian, Eastern European, K-Pop & Eclectic Metal to Dubstep Sets of Dance Music From All Over The World. Collecting Dance Music since age of 8, Djing since age of 16. “I’ve taken my life long Love, Passion, Knowledge of Dance Music Culture International”, through my Djing, Music Production & Remixing".

I’ve created Arizona’s 1st groundbreaking K-Pop (South Korean Pop Music) & International Dance Music Club Nights (Romanian, Russian, Latin, Italian, French Dance Music) In Arizona, my preferred Dj & Production style is a Futuristic, Big Bass, Experimental Sound with Raw Hard Edge & Style. "See what over 20 years of “Living, Eating, Breathing, Sleeping Dance Music Culture looks and Sounds Like”. Current Upscale Club Night featuring Dj BadAssJoey’s K-Pop Club Night at Paris Of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona for K-Pop Fans around the World.




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