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Backlash Muziks Master Jay

Doha, Qatar



Born and bread in Scotland, living half his life in the Middle East’s fastest growing city of Doha, the place he now calls home.

Jay was introduced to electronic music at a very young age through his older sister Jade, a professional dancer, who at the time, was often on tour, dancing with likes of Scooter, the Prodigy, Ultra Sonic, Carl Cox & QFX to name a few.

‘It was a great introduction to electronic music; I got to see all the action up close, meeting the groups and DJs, hanging out backstage. Naturally I was impressed, but at the same time, I was still to young to fathom what it all really meant, what dance music was really about.’

It wasn’t until his sister took him clubbing to the then legendary leading British super club, room at the top (RATT) to see Paul Mendez live in action. Needless to say, that wasn’t the last time he would be back, and it certainly wasn’t the last time he seen Paul Mendez who he now runs a label & club night with.

‘That place was my early education, I ended up practically living in the place, I became good friends with my now partner in crime, Paul Mendez. He would let me hang out in the DJ booth; I got to see the then commercially unknown DJs like Armin, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Marco V, The Thrillseekers & countless others up close, standing right behind them, watching them work the mixer while rocking a crowd of thousands, this happened week after week, month after month, year after year, it shaped me into what I am today. I guess I’m just one of the lucky few to have such a privileged introduction to electronic music.’

After seeing so many DJs come and go and getting pointers from the very best, Jay took up DJing himself. After working hard for years as a bedroom DJ and entertaining mates on the weekend, it was time to familiarize himself with the public at large.

While at college, Jay did a few nights of his own at RATT before teaming up with Mendez to run the backlash club night while helping out with the A&R of the new record label ‘Backlash Muzik’ which now sees plays from Van Dyk & the likes and is signed to Bonzai Music the worlds leading trance label.

The Backlash night consisted of several weekly nights in and around central Scotland, the most memorable being Rosie’s in Falkirk & the Universe in Coaltbridge before a short stint in Gran Canaria playing a host of clubs and party pubs with spinning highlights being Ministry of Sound & Space.

After graduating from College in 2004, Jay moved back to Doha to spend more time with his family and to get what some people would call ‘a real job’ in the oil business. Although; That didn’t quite go to plan as the dream lived on in the form of an 8 month’s residency at Qatar’s number 1 nightspot, Amigo’s, DJing to over 1300 people several times a week.

‘This was the first time any DJ had played house music regularly to so many people in Qatar, it was unheard of at the time.’

Since his departure from Amigos, just 2 years ago, Jay has pioneered Qatar’s journey into the world of Dance Music through his events, bringing Dance Music to the masses, Jay is the originator behind so many groundbreaking events, the likes of which have never been seen before in Qatar. Jay has Promoted, warmed up and finished off in events that have featured Superstar DJs like Marco V, Above & Beyond, Judge Jules, John Askew, Christopher Lawrence, Scot Bond, Kuffdam & Plant, 4 Strings, Dave Pearce, Lost Witness, The Thrillseekers, DJ Airwave, DJ Eve, Safri Duo, DJ Nakadia, DOC C, Till West & DJ DeLicious to name ONLY a few, while promoting and nurturing local DJ talent at the same time.

Since his start way back in the golden era of trance music in 1999, Jay has developed his sound into what it is today, good quality upfront house music, crossing most genres of house music, whilst remaining a little chunky, a little funky and ever so dirty!!

He has spun in to many clubs to mention with worldwide highlights being, Chaos in Dubai, Kaslik in Beruit, BJ’s in Bahrain, Global DJs in Doha, Sri Lanka’s biggest club ‘h20’, The World Famous – BCM Planet Dance in Majorca, Space & MOS in the Canary Islands and Room At The Top, Rosies, The Universe and Club Ego in Scotland.