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Back To Mars

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Psy-Trance, Tech House

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Artist name: Back to Mars aka Marciana

Styles: Minimal Progressive Psytrance (Zenonesque), Dark Psytrance, Deep House, Tech House

Lables: Electric Power Pole Records, Sangoma Records, Indali Records

Agency: Infinnite Connections, Magnetika Agency

Born in Brazil, Back to Mars (Marciana) has been living in Europe for a very long time. Psytrance got into her life right after she arrived in Amsterdam in the late 90’s and went to live in the ELF, a big squat that housed a community of many artists, musicians, DJs, producers, painters, shamans and freaks.

It was in 2001 that DJ’ing became a part of her, when she started helping with building and playing at the parties from 9 Lives of Hofmann, an underground Psytrance crew from Amsterdam and she has since grown into a versatile DJ.

Her style is either Minimal Progressive Psytrance (Zenonesque) or Dark Psytrance and often she likes mixing them to create a journey, so she enjoys the freedom of doing that which fits the time and suits the place.

In Amsterdam, she also plays Deep House, Lounge, World music and Tech House in lounge bars as DJ Marciana.

Some parties and festivals where she has played are:

Indian Rhythm 2013 France

Sonica Festival 2013 Italy

Meditation Garden 2013 Belgium

Antaris Project 2011, 2012, 2013 Germany

People of the Butterflies 2013 Finland

Equinox 2013 Netherlands

S-Xperience 2013 Netherlands

9 Bar 2013 Goa, India

Shangri-la 2012 Netherlands

IBW Germany 212

Solstice Festival 2012 Netherlands

Gaggalaka 2012 Germany

Boom Festival 2008 Portugal

Blackmoon Festival 2011 Italy

Sign Festival 2011 France

Further Festival 2011 Spain

Utopia after-Boom Festival 2010 Portugal

Universo Paralello 2009, 2007 & 2001 Brazil

Mystic Ballroom 2009 Denmark

Magnetika 2 Years 2009 Portugal

Samaveda 2009 Portugal

Epidemic Trance Corporation 2009 France

Yasta Club 2009 Spain

Bass Island 2008 Austria

Leoncavallo 2008 Italy

The Future is Ours 2008 Slovakia

Chianti Solstice Festival 2008 Italy

Ground Zero Festival 2007 Holland

Q-Base Festival 2007 Germany

Looney Tunes 2007 Italy

GanjaTree 2007 Belgium

Visions of Nexus 2005, 2006 & 2007 Germany

Existence Festival 2006 Spain

Planet Waldfrieden 2006 Germany

She has performed in Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,Finland, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.