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The Story of Baby Prince…..

BABY PRINCE, or the fetus formerly known as Sade`s personal disco ball, brings nothing to your party and doesn´t want to be there. Well, perhaps this is untrue; given his penchant for mixing stiff liquor drinks and downers with 100 bpm sex anthems, you may find that despite his own best efforts, the party clings to his soul, inching silently through the folds of his body and its capillaries like a stealthy virus, only to erupt into fleshly display upon the lips, face, neck and head of BABY PRINCE and all his would be menagerie of freaks. INFECT THE WORLD; MAKE IT YOUR DISEASE.

But what, exactly, are we reckoning with? A misanthropic lover of twisted psychic carnivals, whose untimely devotion to staying in forces a reassessment of the very times we inhabit, the places we frequent and the music that puts us there. Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain: the universe casts the dice of life, and the souls of decadents deviously gather fruit, roaming among insipid kickdrums of third-wave detroit techno and paltry German reproductions of imitations of „deep“ Chicago house. But sometimes, a being of magnitude and depth unleashes his novel force upon these agitated masses, and forces a blistering liberation of the sleepless drugwhores and crackers, those yellow-bellied fiends of the night who circulate mindlessly from one speaker stack to the next.