The technology and the culture as essential expression in the human being always had captivated to Ivan Barrientos a.k.a. B4L4m, pseudonym taken from the Popol Vuh by its necessity to identify itself in its projects like something very national. Always related to the science and the design, is in this that him average in the 2000 where it knows Future Child, a young designer of creative ideas and eccentric musical tastes, taking it to be attracted by those new tendencies developed in 70’s by some musicians German. For the following year its attraction step to be passion influenced by international artists like Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha and Carl Cox. Is his melomania that takes it to produce remixes of Kosheen and Capri as well owns some tracks supported by Ivan Almada a.k.a. Niteliv. Of the production passage to mixing touching in particular celebrations and soon in the U-One to the south of the D.F. At the moment one is studying of Physics and also uniting collaborations of independent DJs and VJs of several sorts in a joint project called QubitMx that tries to present national the quality little supported. Making own events or in collaboration with other groups and artists of national electronic music.