B12 Beatport


Origin & Meaning behind his name : Brian + 12’inch vinyl records….shorten it up & you got B12. In addition there is the vitamin B12…. Vitamin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and for the formation of blood. It is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body…..in other words….it supports your bodies natural energy. What else could you want on the dance floor!

Bio of B12:

B12 has had a love for music since his child hood. His beginnings started with his mother who would turn up the radio & sing out loud to him as a young boy. This is when music made its mark on his life. Fourteen years of age is when his obsession with mixing started. He started cutting & pasting Reel to Reel tapes & making mixes of different songs, mostly with early rap, hip-hop & funk. At the age of sixteen he got his hands on a set of turn tables. And of course then he blew all the dust off of his mother’s old vinyl records & started the path that he is on today of being a dj. B12 is the perfect example of a self taught dj in the making. His time spent behind the tables is limitlessness.

He got into the electronic music scene around 94-95. Djing & being apart of it all became a passion for him. In 99-2000 he started Focus Productions which has hosted many memorable events since then. Done right, with quality, uniqueness, creativity & always…..always with that banging sound & music. His involvement in this scene stretches into a business aspect with his company B’s Customs which rents out professional sound for events.

B12 as a dj is known for his diversity & solid flawless mixing. His smoothness & transitions is what sets him apart from other djs. His track selection is always on the edge of new music with the slight touch of an old school feel. He is notorious for taking his listener on a complete journey. Weither the genre be progressive, minimal, tech, dark, house, break-beat, big-beat, electronica or straight techno…..B12 is always mixing it up.

His current venture is going beyond djing. Taking it to another level and going behind the scenes of our electronic community. He is in the process of getting a line of dj’s together under Focus Productions to write, mix, & produce music together. His efforts are to create & share something new with all of us that have ventured into the wonderful world of electronic music.