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B Side

Miami, United States

Drum & Bass, House

Ghetto Funk
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B-SIDE was born into this world on November 04 1971. Rising from the harsh streets of reality known as New Orleans, LA this young man took an early interest in music, especially records. First experiencing a Fisher Price “Show & Tell” Record player at the young age of 3, he began a life-long obsession with vinyl records. Formally trained on several woodwind & brass-wind instruments, such as clarinet & sax… he began to read and appreciate the formal aspect of music, including piano. This formal training lead to a deeper appreciation of recorded music, plus a serious interest in the art form and education of DJing. A bright young man with a different perspective of life he always kept a chronology of family favorites, gathering as many records as he could, even until this day.

B-SIDE officially began his DJ career in ‘86 (not including those informal beginning years)… but early on others could tell that “B” was from a rare breed of DJ’s. He would continuously mix and match various traditional hits with modern a-cappella’s thus creating live remixes that could only be heard from B-SIDE. Specializing in Promotions, Production & DJing for over 15 years. This New Orleans native spent 5 yrs. in Texas, and has recently relocated to south Florida. Spinning at clubs and venues all across the globe (over 26 countries!!!). B-SIDE has played Holland, U.K., Germany, all over the U.S. & Latin America. He is most known for residencies at Clubs in Texas, Louisiana, Miami, and Mexico. Plus spinning at local “One-Off’s”, and promoting two underground nights. B-SIDE is an active member in the underground music scene on all formats. Opening for various groups/acts such as: Guru (Jazzmataz), Chemical Brothers, Pharcyde, DJ Q-Bert (ISP), Mark Farina, John Acquaviva, & Reid Speed…. just to name a few.

Musically he’s done everything from Music Production, to Sound Engineering, Managing, Product Development, Marketing, Writing, Teaching, Photography, & even Choreography! And he’s the “The Only DJ Not Afraid To Mix It ALL”. Having spun House & Breaks, Hip-Hop & Trip-Hop, D&B and Jungle along with his skills as a Turntablist places him in a class all by itself. Using several monikers is one way B-SIDE has always maintained his versatility and flexibility as a DJ and Producer. Now taking the world by storm, B-SIDE is now known as “The DJ From Another Planet”™

His musical skills have been exhibited in venues all across the globe. “No where else have I seen the ability to control the masses in such a way… it’s like he’s reading their minds and controlling their bodies at the same time while still educating the audience” – BPM Peru

B-SIDE is a contracted consultant for Stantonmagnetics, Inc. and has been involved in Development, Training, & Marketing of their most revolutionary products. Check out the DJ_Pro-3000 (Headphones), SA-12 (DJ Craze Mixer), C-504/C-503 (Dual CD Players), FINAL SCRATCH 2, and his soon to be released M-505 / M-505fx (12" Eurostyle mixer)